A Journey, A Tribute, A Celebration

The story behind Boathouse Cafe.

One day...

...as I was running in Humboldt Park in the bitter cold training for a marathon, I passed by the Boathouse Pavilion and on this one particular day thought, 'wouldn’t this be a perfect spot for a coffee shop'.

Fast forward a few years and here we are. Boathouse is becoming the cafe & bistro, I first envisioned it to be. It's the beginning of a legacy, I hope to build. The dream has its share of ambition & excitement and I hope you join my team and I on our journey.


Erica Marie Serrano

A Tribute...

In the first years, the Boathouse went through a number of name variations before it officially became the Boathouse. This was due partly to the fact that we wanted to pay tribute to Alexander Von Humboldt. The man for whom the park is named after.

Humboldt's impact on the world, his ties to Latin America and the fact that Humboldt Park in history has been a predominantly Latino neighborhood naming it after the man himself seemed appropriate. But, the Boathouse moniker has always been apart of the name. Today, our tribute to Alexander Von Humboldt, the botanist & adventurer, exists with our daily celebration and respect of food prepared and served at Boathouse.

Daily Celebration...

Healthy, delicious food prepared and served at the Boathouse among the greenery of Humboldt Park. There's no better way we can imagine making everyday the celebration it deserves to be.

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